Echoes of Glory

Session 6 Summary

Return to Aslov

After collecting all the spoils of the Vermin Lord, the group decided to travel back to Aslov, via Dalsetter, to trade in their wares and buy new goods.

They had just finished with the Vermin Lord and Rat King, taking the heads back to Dalsetter and gaining much glory. Gifted with a feast, two cart mules and a cart, they made their way along the road, past the ruins of Dunross and camped for the night.

During the first watch, a goblin shaman and 8 goblin warriors made their way up to the camp and ambushed the party. Rodgar, the Engro Paladin of Thunor, must have been lost in his thoughts.

Chillfist, the Frostborn Reliqus Mage, had his bodyguard spell active. The guard, though unable to speak, was ordered to wake Chillfist at the first sign of trouble. He hastily did, and Chillfist awoke to see a whirling vortex of snow rise up around him, his bodyguard and the unsuspecting Rodgar, obscuring their vision as goblin warriors rushed them.

For a few moments, things looked grim. By the time that Basted and Ash, the two elven members of the party, were roused, Chillfist had finished four of the goblins with his ice bolts. The shamen changed tactics and let loose bolts of his own at Chillfist, nearly wounding him, before fleeing with his two remaining warriors.

Bastet’s snow leopard, Bento, made short work of the warriors as Rodgar put a barrier spell around the Shamen. After interrogating him, Ash made quick work of the pest.

The next day, they had the distinct impression that they were being followed. They stayed the night in the safety of the travel tower that had housed them on there journey to Dunros. In the moring, Ash searched for tracks and found that a party of 4-8 orcs had been about. They tracked them several miles north, and caught a glimpse of more of the Eye Peircer tribe heading off in the distance.

By the next evening they had reached Aslov. Those few survivors of Dunross were camped in the shanty town outside the city waiting for the priestess of Eostre to arrange some sort of aid. Ash could not stand to see the sight, and gave them some gold shields to ease their suffering.

During their week in Aslov, Feurn assisted Chillfist in tracking down an Arcanologist, who took the battered rat statue of Vali to return to the Citidel. He did mention that word had surfaced of a relic of some sort in the Withered Lands. More, he either did not know, or was unwilling to say.

Rodgar visited the church of Thunor, and his old mentor Leofric Garthsunu. Leofric already had word that the shipment of food from Dalsetter had reached fort Windross (where Rodgar had previously been stationed), but that the denizens of the Dark Forest had twice now attacked the fort, their ferocity heightened more then normal. He was ordered to return and help defend the fort, and attempt to subdue these incursions.

The group also visited the local temple to Ertha and told of the find in the ruins of the old temple. The priestess was grateful, and the group now has a one time use of the Connections edge with regard to the church of Ertha.

During their stay they ran into Bastet’s cousin, the brawny elven warrior Icykeenwyrm. He had been sent by her father to see that she was alright and watch out for her. Obviously, her parents still didn’t feel that she was ready for the world of other races, and perhaps that Ash was not enough protection.

Feurn, now with more money to pump into his failing business, decided to stay back in his home city, having had quite enough adventure for one week.


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