Echoes of Glory

Session 9 Summary

Battle of Fort Windross

  • searched treasure and found …
  • decided to chance the darkness
  • headed due north to exit the Withered Lands
  • saw the undead army approaching, but avoided it.
  • camped the night uneventful in the Unclaimed Lands
  • headed straight to Fort Windross and told of the approaching army
  • undead attacked in the dead of night on the high holy day for Niht
  • battle was intense but short lived, though the fort suffered many casualties, the undead horde’s resovle broke and they retreated back to the withered lands
  • borrowed horses to get the rest of the treasure
  • gave x treasure to the fort to help rebuild.
  • sent ? to the upper guard to get one more pack mule and cart
  • took the spoils to Aslov
  • date is now?


Red24 Red24

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